Urgicare Immunization Clinic in Tampa, Florida

Sick Office visit only $69.00*  ( Lowest in Tampa bay )payable at the time of service

 *Any lab test, X-Ray or Injections extra.

Why go anywhere else and see a Nurse !. Come to Urgicare and get seen by a MD

DISCOUNTED price list below is for cash paying patient only. Payment required at the time of services. We do not balance bill self pay patients. (All services listed below may not be available all the time. Call ahead and confirm). We accept AMEX/VISA/MC/DISCOVER/DEBIT/CHECK OR CASH. TEL # 813-831-7722

We will match CVS or Walgreen clinic prices on equivelent services with valid proof.


Physical ages Pre-school to High School (3yr to 17 yrs.)

School Physical 99401 $25.00
Sports Physical 99401.1 $25.00
Camp Physical 99401.2 $25.00
Any of above two combined 99401.3 $45.00
Immunization form filled out 99211.4 $20.00

(No charge for UA dips if required with above school or sports physical)

Adult Physicals

College Physical  * * Excludes any blood test or Immunizations if required by the   College                                                                                                                                                                      


 CLG                   $60.00*                    

DOT physical by Certified provider(with UA dip). Drug test not included. With appointment only. DOT $75.00
Employment Physical (+UA dip) PHYs $75.00
OSHA Physical (+ UA dip/Spirometer/Chest X ray one view included) OSHA $250.00
Teacher Physical TEACH $65.00

Bus Driver Physical (school)

BUS $65.00

Additional services

Audiogram (hearing test) 92551 $55.00
Complete blood count 85024 $45.00
Chest x ray one view 71010 $50.00
EKG 93000 $55.00
Spirometer 94010 $60.00
Blood alcohol test (with MRO) BLOOD $75.00
Breadth alcohol test 82075 $45.00
HRS panel 10 DS HRS $65.00
Chest X ray 1 view   $50.00
Chest x ray 2 view   $90.00
NIDA panel 5 for DOT DOT $65.00
Drug screen collection only on company provided COC 99000




New lower office visit now in force from 11/18/2014

Lower Office visit of  $69.00 for following symptoms. Any lab test/ x-ray or shots will be additional fees:


Lab Testing (*add $69.00 office visit to following symptoms)

Rapid Influenza testing $45.00*
Rapid Strep, Mono $35.00*
STD and Urine ( includes off/visit) STD= HIV, GC+CHY and RPR $270
Pregnancy $35.00*
Cholesterol and triglycerides $45.00*
Glucose and diabetes $35.00*


Shots (*add $25 Nurse Visit to following shots if not seen by Physician)

Influenza (flu) ( No nurse visit) $25.00
Tetanus*  (May require Doctor's visit) $45.00
Hepatitis A* not available all the time $65.00
Hepatitis B* not available all the time $60.00
Pneumonia* not available all the time $45.00
PPD (Tuberculosis skin test)* $25.00 plus Nurse Visit (NV) $25.00
Polio*  not available all the time $60.00
Measles* combo MMR $75.00 + NV
Mumps* combo MMR $75.00 + NV
Rubella* combo MMR $75.00 + NV

Web site prices are for information only. Check with clinic for most current prices. TDap and Meningitis shots also available.